Finding a Quality Provider for Funeral and Cremation Services in Lerna, IL

If you are facing the challenging situation of losing someone that you love, it is essential to have emotional support along the way. It doesn’t matter if the passing was expected or unexpected; it can be a heart-wrenching situation that requires grief support and care during this emotional time. Many people find healing in the opportunity to design a beautiful memorial or funeral as a way to honor the person’s life. So, the best thing that you can do is find a trusted provider for funeral and cremation services in Lerna, IL.

Our team at Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd takes pride in the quality of services offered to the community. We’re here to care for your family and create a positive, comforting experience that highlights the life that was lived. We work hard to take care of the details that need to happen to create a successful event. As a result, you can have peace of mind to know that our professional services oversee every aspect of the funeral or memorial.

Creating a Tribute Through Funeral and Cremation Services in Lerna, IL

This event is more than just a time to see close friends and family members. Many people experience closure in their grief by paying tribute to the memories that were shared over the years. You have an opportunity to design a memorable gathering based on the highlights of a person’s life. It’s up to you to select the specific details that will support the overall funeral plan.

One of the reasons why you should choose Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd is that we offer personalized recommendations for every family. We believe that you should have access to custom funeral services. So, we listen to your needs and desires and assist in creating a beautiful event that will support your family in every way. Available services include:

  • Cremation with a Service

  • Direct Cremations

  • Funeral Services

  • Burial

  • Pre-needs

  • Cremation with Confidence

This list is just a small highlight of the services that you can expect when working with our experienced team. You’ll find that we truly provide a custom funeral planning process for every family.

Evaluating the Details of Funeral Planning

What are the right details for your upcoming event? It is common for families to feel overwhelmed with all of the decisions that need to be addressed for these services. Instead of allowing the overwhelm to set in, it is best to focus on these choices one at a time. At Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd, we walk you through a simple process that makes it easy to design custom funeral services based on the preferences of your family.

For example, our team will bring up topics that you need to consider, such as the location of funeral services or where you would like your loved one to be buried. In this discussion, we can also offer information that will give you a greater understanding of the funeral industry. This knowledge-based approach empowers you in selecting the details that are a great fit for the needs of your family.

Choices for Cremation Services

At Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd, we can support all types of funeral and cremation services in Lerna, IL. Our team has experience with everything from traditional funeral planning to contemporary, modern services. One choice that might be considered is the option to have the person cremated.

Cremation is a personal decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly. This service can be scheduled as a standalone event, without a formal memorial or funeral event. Or, you might choose to pair cremation with other familiar funeral traditions. For example, some people prefer to hold a full memorial after cremation to give loved ones a chance to find closure in the grief.

If you are considering cremation, then it is essential that you discuss these options with our experienced team. We will help you understand the available benefits. For example, families love the reduced costs and the flexibility available for choosing a place to lay their loved one to rest. You can select a cemetery burial if desired. Or, cremated ashes can be scattered outside or stored in an urn that serves as a memorial for the family. You might even consider the comfort of memorial jewelry, giving you a small piece to hold nearby throughout the day.

Information about Local Funeral Planning

As you are looking for more information about funeral and cremation planning in Lerna, IL, it is essential that you talk to a reputable provider in the area. Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd is here to help with anything that you need. Come to our funeral home to view the facilities that can be used for your upcoming event: 1200 Wabash Ave, Mattoon, IL 61938. Call ahead to schedule an appointment with an experienced funeral director: (217) 234-8828

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