A Promise of Quality for Funeral and Cremation Services in Greenup, IL

With one phone call, you can access a team of funeral planning experts that are available to support the needs of your family in this difficult experience. When you are designing funeral or cremation services in Greenup, IL for someone that you love, it is essential to honor the person’s life and the memories that were created over the years. Funeral planning is more than coordinating the burial. These services should also be designed to showcase memories and support in the healing process.

Our experienced staff at Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd go above and beyond basic funeral services. We believe that every family should have access to personalized funeral support. We recognize that emotional healing is just as important as the physical services. When you choose our team, you can expect the highest levels of compassion and respect every step of the way.

What makes our funeral home unique? We’ve been serving the community since 1934. With three generations of history in the local industry, our systems have been optimized and improved based on the needs of the community. These funeral planning processes are designed to reduce your stress while ensuring a custom experience at every event.

Funeral and Cremation in Greenup, IL: The Right Services for Your Loved One

Some families have the benefit of discussing funeral services with a loved one before death. For example, a funeral plan can be coordinated in advance so that the details are ready when the funeral is scheduled. Other times, the family faces the challenge of designing funeral services in a few short days. In this situation, it is essential to consider the needs of your remaining family members as well as the desires of the deceased.

What funeral style is suited to the individual’s personality and preferences? Our team at Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd offers a custom approach for every funeral that is planned. You can choose from a range of services based on the needs of your family. Here is an overview of some of the things that might be considered:

  • Cremation with Confidence: Choosing cremation can be a great option, but you need to be sure that you are working with a trusted provider. We promise “Cremation with Confidence,” and assure families that care and respect are offered during every stage of the cremation process.

  • Funeral Services: Where is the right location to hold funeral services? Our stunning funeral home offers a comfortable place where you can share a meaningful experience with your loved one. We have rooms that can host gatherings of all sizes. Or, we can assist with the coordination and details required if you want to hold the funeral at a church or different location.

  • Burial: It is important to consider the details of the burial because this location is the place that you will visit time and time again in the future. Choose a cemetery plot near other family members or somewhere that is close to home. We offer services for both caskets or urns, based on the desires of the family.

  • Cremation with a Service: There are benefits to scheduling a service in conjunction with cremation. The ashes will be returned to the family after cremation; then you might choose to hold a memorial or Celebration of Life in our funeral home if desired.

  • Direct Cremations: There is nothing that requires a formal funeral or memorial service. If desired, you might request direct cremation services from our funeral home. Then the remembrance can be held in a small, intimate setting at home or at the time when the ashes are scattered.

  • Pre-needs: Contact us at Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd at your convenience if you would like to know about your options for preplanning. We will keep your information on file, making it simple for your family when it is time to schedule your funeral in the future.

What services do you prefer: a funeral or cremation in Greenup, IL? Our team at Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd offers a full range of options, giving you the flexibility to design funeral services that are a perfect fit for the needs of your family.

Caring, Efficient Funeral Services

When you choose Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd, you will receive the highest levels of care during all aspects of funeral planning. We strive to offer efficiency in the planning process, giving you the freedom of time where you can turn your attention to the needs of your other family members. Our goal is to create a positive, healing experience for your family.

If you need to learn about funeral and cremation in Greenup, IL, then our team is here to assist. Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd offers a beautiful funeral facility, located at 1200 Wabash Ave, Mattoon, IL 61938. Call to schedule a consultation and a tour of our funeral home: (217) 234-8828

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