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Personalization Examples

Our Endearing Grandmother
My Mother the Horsewoman
An Officer and a Gentleman
personalized casket

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Personalizing the Funeral

It is more than an engraved name on a plaque. Consider it a celebration of one's life. Personalizing a funeral service captures the essence of a loved one. It tells a story through simple things such as photographs and personal belongings. You can even tell as much as you want with artwork, poems, and achievements. The staff at Mitchell-Jerdan is here to help you remember and share those treasured memories with friends and family. We offer these services to help comfort loved ones and the cost is little or nothing to incorporate it into a funeral service, which can be comfort in itself.

We invite you to explore a few of the personalized commemorations...

Our Endearing Grandmother

Eloquent is one way many people described my dear grandmother. She had a certain grace that accentuated her every act of kindness. Her soft features and forgiving voice both made it easy to talk to her. She gave so much to this world. But her inspirational words throughout many of our lives gave us much insight as to what was to come. Seeing these photographs reminds me of how beautiful she was. You may recall the warmth you felt when you stepped into her home...

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