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Death Away From Home
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Death Away From Home

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We understand that people in the area often times travel to distant areas around the country and internationally. Many people are retired and may typically head south for the winter, some may be visiting family in another state, or touring another part of the world, but what happens if a death occurs away from home?

The last voice you probably want to hear is a stranger's voice to help out in this situation. That's why we encourage you to contact your local funeral home and speak to a funeral director here. The staff at Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home has established a network of other professionals across the country to help out in this case. With one phone call, we can make all the necessary arrangements to ensure your loved one is taken care of properly, professionally, and returned home. Furthermore, working with just one funeral director can significantly reduce the cost.

People who do in fact travel south for the winter or who are frequent travelers all together, are strongly encouraged to make pre-arrangements in case such an event occurs. Our staff is readily available to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about a death away from home.

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