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Grief Library

Grief Library

Grief Support Articles

Caregiving: Emotional Roller Coaster
Cremation or Burial? Families Don't Always Agree
Depression after Loss of a Child
Developmental Stages in a Child's Understanding of Death or Loss
Do We Choose?
Emotional Aspects of Cremation
Helping Yourself Heal
Making Prearrangements - Why Does It Feel Strange?
The Food Ritual
Words That Hurt and Words That Help

Ask the Experts

A Young Child's Grief
How Can I Comfort My Best Friend?
How Do I Keep Annoying People Away?
Husband Lost Best Friend and Employee
I Still Can't Get Myself Going
My Husband was Murdered
Out of the Blue She Spoke...
Wife Not Welcome at Father's Funeral

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One day, when I was only four years old, my mother took me from Denver, Colorado where I was born and lived, to Upstate New York without my father's knowledge. Then, within months of the move to New York, my mother proceeded to give me up for adoption. Subsequently, my father was contacted to relinquish his rights to me. He refused to do so and immediately obtained an attorney to get me back.

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